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Mamadaviti Church on Mtatsminda Mount is a domed temple erected in 1859-1871. It is dedicated to St. David Garejeli - the Holy Father, who spread Orthodox Christianity in Georgia in the 6th c and lived in a small cell where the church is now located.

The height of the temple is 25.7 x 17.2 x  10.7 m. The building will accommodate 400 people, including the choir. The brick-built temple replicates the shape of a traditional cross-domed building, but in the interior, the space is unified and indivisible. The entrance is on two sides: west and south.

Three natural springs are linking from rocky wall and grotto in the yard. Two stored free-standing bell tower with golden mosaic cross is used as separate small sanctuary.

It is easy to spot from the center of the city, located high up on the hill of Mtatsminda (Georgian meaning: St. Mountain). Accessible with a cable tram - funicular, has a beautiful view of the city.

Mamadaviti is notable for pantheon of Georgian writers and public figures next to the church - prominent Georgian writers, artists, scholars, and national heroes’ tombs are here. The pantheon was officially established in 1929


Open: every day 10:00 – 19:00

Free admission

Funicular tram: 3 GEL (one way)

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