About Attraction

The Armenian Norashen Holy Mother of God Church known is located in Lower Kala on Leselidze Street, next to Jvris Mama Church. The name ‘Norashen’ means ‘new settlement’ in Georgian. The first church was built on this place in 1740. The one that came up to this day was built in 1790-1796, though the construction works were lasting till 1830.

Rather a big size brick church is of ‘inscribed cross’ type. The dome is supported by four strong columns. The church has the entrances on three sides. The south stone gate, decorated with reliefs, was built in 19th century. The small stone altar built on the western church arm is of the same period. The rectangular frame with flower decoration of the western gate is really remarkable. The church is surrounded with arcade.

The influence of western European architecture is observed on the facades. On the upper part of the wall the rectangular deepening is observed that is crowned with small pediments. The similar pediments are located on the top of several windows.

The south façade of the dome is remarkable by the reliefs depicting Virgin Mary and the eagle.

The paintings by the Armenian artist Mkrtum Ovnatanian still remain in the interior.

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