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St. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church located on Iv. Javakhishvili Street was built in 1870-1877 by the order of Konstantine Zubalashvili, the head of Roman-catholic parish and the supporter; the church was built according to the project of the architect Albert Zaltsman and this church is of earlier baroque style resembling the same style Roman churches.

The entrance of the church is in the west. On the top of the wide wooden door the rosette with flower ornaments and a dove are located. The church façade is divided with Corinth pilasters and arches that are outlined on the yellow plaster with a little deeper tone of the same color, besides this the gray stone baselines, chapiters and the faces of angels decorating the façade add more coloring to the church.

Strongly protruded conch of the altar with three windows is in the east. The middle one is false and the side windows are crowned with stained glass.

On the crossing point of the omphalos of the church and nave, a wide dome with twelve windows is erected. Announcers are painted on the trumpet arches. Corinth pilasters divide the interior walls. The domed tabernacle of the altar was erected in 1906. The entrance gate and the balustrade were made in 1891.

The Roman Pope Paul the II visiting Georgia in 1999 performed the mass in St. Peter and Paul Church.

The church has an interesting neighbor - the urban hotspot Fabrika is just few meters away.

Metro station Marjanishvili Avenue is on a walking distance.

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